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Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) describes a group of symptoms, such as mood swings, cramps, and headache, etc., a woman have before her menstrual cycle. During these days, women are oversensitivity and exaggerated mood swings, and they need more love and understanding from their girlfriends. Therefore, our team designed an ambient device using light and vibration to inform males that their girlfriends' period is coming. The emotion behind the context is not just about girl's anxious but also about boy's caring. This device is used to inform males that during the special period they also need to understand or pay more attention to female.

Conceptual Design

PMS notification is taking into calendar to calculate when the girlfriend's period is coming and send a signal to her boyfriend. The signal consist of two part, firstly, the NeoPixel, which acts as a progress bar, can gradually fill the ring based on the calendar. When all the lights are on, NeoPixel changes to red with the toy shaking because of servo. With the progress bar, user can anticipate the time and have a preparation for it. The red light and the shaking toy act as signals.

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