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  • Prototyping Bots

    14 projects · 17 members

    Prototype a web-delivered product or service that does some good and uses a zero-ui or chat-based approach.

  • Home Hack

    33 projects · 39 members

    Make a quick hack for your home using the Particle platform

  • Ambient Affect

    11 projects · 20 members

    Design an ambient notification that evokes joy. Prepare a conceptual design and realize a working prototype of an ambient object that presents online data in a physical space and is based on an 'em...more

  • Devices for Sharing - Connected Intimacy

    8 projects · 17 members

    Prepare a conceptual design and realize a working prototype of a product for connected intimacy. Photo: Daniel Sher. Connected Devices

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Latest Pools

  • Diot 2019 - Final Project Connected Studio

    8 projects · 15 members

    Working in groups of 4/5, realize a future vision for a 'technology enhanced studio' where internet appliances enhance the learning experiences of tomorrow.

  • Diot 2019: Social Objects - Part 3

    14 projects · 19 members

    Consider the responsibilities and ethics of a social object. You should examine the tensions between a viable business model (monitization) and consumer trust and confidence in your product. You w...more

  • DioT 2019: Social Objects - Part 2

    9 projects · 17 members

    Design networked interactions between two or more devices. You will be asked to imagine a series of devices that will be shared between people (e.g. a couple, a family, co-workers) or a community. ...more

  • DioT 2019: Social Objects - Part 1

    1 project · 5 members

    Design an ambient or embodied interface that represents intimate, personal, or shared data without a screen through movement, light or sound. You should negotiate issues of abstraction, ambiguity a...more

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