49713 - Designing for the Internet of Things

Spring Mini-1 2018 · 25 members · Course site


A hands-on introductory course exploring the Internet of Things and connected product experiences.

Learn more at the course site: http://diot2018.daraghbyrne.me

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  • DIoT 2018 Final - Exploring IoT Ecosystems

    16 projects · 20 members

    Realize a future vision for a 'technology enhanced bedroom' where internet appliances enhance the experiences of tomorrow.

  • DIoT 2018 4: Cutest Chainsaw

    8 projects · 19 members

    Develop a critical proposal for a near future issue around the IoT. Design and propose an enchanted object. It must delight, surprise and be lovable, but should never be used by anyone, ever. Showc...more

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