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Future Work

- @djbot:

Speak directly only functionalities would reduce irrelevant bot response when talking with other members in team. (Could be used in IF statement for beginning commands"@djbot" or find that particular function in Slack App Console)

- Playlist Database:

The information of song typed in the Slack will be stored in the database. It will let the DJ bot remember the users’ preference while studying and be able to provide suggestions lists later. (Tried but not functioning well)


Spotify Oauth functions provide user account functionality. Directly use the playlist function within Spotify without creating own database to store. (Tried but stuck in the middle of process)

- Interactive Buttons:

More intuitive interaction, reducing the typing actions for user. (Tried but couldn't get it move forward to the next level response or reactions.)


0 to 1 : Code or Die - Engineering time is hard to measure. A small typo or error would make a 0 to 1 difference. Understanding the logic behind is important.

API is powerful : Every API and gem is different, choosing the right one is very  important. Always think about the functionalities I want to achieve, but be more flexible of using tools or methods.

AI rocks: The best UI is zero UI : Might want to try database and interactive buttons those universal fundamentals function to build a bot.

Learn from those more experienced : Thanks for Daragh and all classmates helping me accomplish this fast track. Try to stay calm and time efficient in the future, and expect my learning curve would speed up.


Spotify Web API Overview:

Spotify Bot:

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