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Motor/Piezo Exploration

Different motors and the Piezo speaker were explored as possible ambient ways to map physical and audio cues to emotions.


The team worked with a Solenoid and a transistor to play around with the stroke frequency of the solenoid shaft. The team decided to map different frequencies for each emotion. It was decided to drop the use of Solenoid as the emotions are not coherently conveyed to the user of ambient device.


The team then decided to adopt the servo to map the different emotions, but then realized that a tune or music would more coherently convey the appropriate emotion.

Piezo sound

A Piezo was chosen as the output device along with the Neo-pixel since tunes best convey emotion. The following tunes were used to map the emotions for the prototype.

  • Glad - "You are my sunshine"
  • Sad - "Mario game over"
  • Mad - "Dun dun duuuunnnn"

In a real life ambient device, more subtle audio would have been chosen for each emotion tune.

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