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We all have some subscriptions from different websites, but do you check your subscriptions every day and will you really read all the popular articles? The answer is quite obvious. To inform users what kind of articles are available timely and let them choose what they want to read is the goal of our team.


why trEI? E for emotion, I for information.

To pursue our goal, we decide to use particle to build an IoT ambient device which could provide users basic information (the category of the popular news) visually while also be able to convey certain kinds of emotion as an interaction with users.

Thus we decided to use RGB LED lights to create good light effects and convey different emotional feelings with different light colors. To make it more "lively", we used servo motor to make the statue rotate with different angles and speeds.


Vance is a loyal New York Times subscriber. Though he really likes some of the articles sent to his email box, he has never got enough time to go through the list of information in the subscription email. 

In order to efficiently filter the types of articles he would like to read, he put the trIE on his desk and turn it on every morning when he is having breakfast. Even he is not paying all his attention to the trIE, he can always be aware of what kind of popular news pops out timely. Because of the election, Vance has no mood for political news recently, so he noticed that trIE is shining red color and "moving" aggressively, he would prefer not to check his subscriptions today. However, since he is planning a trip for Spring break, if yellow light up more often, he would love to spend some time read the news about travel in order to make a better trip plan.

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