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After we cut our parts using the laser cutter, we assembled the outer casing of the ostrich body. Then we soldered wires to RGB LED and inserted them into the snake robot neck. At this point we got 4 wires coming from the LED and 3 threads holding the shape of the ostrich neck. For the ostrich neck movement we wanted in Z axis only, we sealed the movement of two of 3 strings and connected the remaining to the servo. The servo pulling the string will make the ostrich neck to move in Z axis. The wires from the LED was passed on through the ostrich body casing without disturbing the servo and provide it to the breadboard. Then we fastened the starting of the ostrich neck to the body. After this physical model was setup, we tested this with the code developed in parallel with an rough skeleton version of the setup. Development of code happened in stages. Testing this code with the physical prototype worked well and we could see the neck rise up with color changes when we linked it with a trending controversial super bowl 2017 commercial.

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