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Final Vase Design

The Vase is made up of three parts:

Water Chamber: The upper chamber of the vase holds the water poured in by the pair. At the top will be the ultrasonic sensor attached and facing into the vase. The six walls of the vase were made from laser cut co-polyester and glued to shape using a glue gun. After the glue gus had set on the outer walls the silicone sealant was added to the inner walls. 

[NOTE: When adding the silicone it was hard to get it on the walls after it is put together so we needed smaller hands]

[NOTE: Silicone Adhesives should never be used indoors without proper ventilation; Lest you want to lose your brain cells]


Bubble Valve: The one way valve can be found in soap dispensers. You can unscrew to them and and look at the pump. The lower section is made up of a one-way valve and a spring. After cutting it off you can pull the spring out and hold onto the valve. We used a pipette to create a funnel for continued airflow but prevent the ball bearing from getting too far from the valve. The valve was then glued into the bottom face of the water chamber and sealed with the silicone sealant. Then seal the bottom face to the water chamber. These valves were very unreliable, as the ball kept getting lodged.

Pump and Electronic Housing: The bottom part of the design is made up of six sheets of laser cut co-polyester. Since it didn’t require the ability to hold water we didn’t add any waterproofing silicone.  

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