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 We chose this story and technology because of an article discussing the victims of domestic abuse and their cellphones.  In our increasingly connected life, it is often very difficult to for us to hide from the world.  When the person trying to find us is someone very close, it becomes that much harder to hide.  Victims of domestic abuse are told to be weary of their cellphones and not use it to call anyone, their calls can be used to track them.  Text messages are the only thing they can safely send.  Given the trend towards smaller products that can not only sense biometrics, but provide positioning information, we wanted to explore a relationship where a spouse gives a very large gift.  This gift, a ring, has a very substantial social meaning which makes one see the ring's digital function as highly secondary and almost worth ignoring.  The ring giver proceeds to take advantage of the ring's function when it suits him.  Not realizing the ring's full digital capabilities, the recipient of the ring is caught off guard by the fact that he can be tracked.

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