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Initial Ideation: Ecosystem 3 (The Brain)

This part of the IoT ecosystem went through the most changes. 

Originally, we wanted to have displays with station status information (see colorful sketch at the bottom of this section). This was voted down by the team as it was too literal and we wanted to challenge ourselves to make something more ambient. 

Next we thought we'd design a table that would rise and fall based on the weight of the plates placed on the table - a symbolic representation of that station's workload. We received feedback that this would likely be EXTREMELY annoying for the chefs and even though our design didn't need to be business viable, we couldn't, in our right mind, design something so ergonomically incorrect.

Finally, we decided on a door that closes as food orders pile up and a back log is created. This is the final design, which you can see in more detail on The Breather's Brain #LULLZ page.

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