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Defamiliarization Process

Step 1: Exploring the spaces and personas

After going wide in the familiarization process, we needed to narrow down on a space we wanted to work on. We started by quick brainstorming wherein we each came up with 5 ideas of very specific spaces or kind of personas we wanted to work on. After creating an affinity diagram, we had a voting round wherein each one of us had 4 votes. This led to the elimination of multiple ideas which was followed by second round of voting to merge ideas and come up with top 10-12 ideas we wanted to discuss in depth and proceed ahead with. The ideas we boiled down to were:

1 . Designing interactions for a cosplay restaurant.

2. A traditional Chinese brunch restaurant.

3. Designing a zen experience in a Japanese restaurant.

4. Designing for a Marijuana cafe.

5. A setting which would ease the process of proposing to your loved ones.

6. Enhancing the experience of a chef in the stressful kitchen area.

7. Designing for the least favored seat in the restaurant.

8. Designing an experience when noisy kids are around.

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