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Alfred the Botler

Who is Alfred?

Alfred the Botler is based on Batman's British butler Alfred Pennyworth. He is highly educated, but as a bot can be a bit simple. He's learning his new role and soon will be up to tip top shape.

What can he do?

Alfred knows you're very busy and in high demand, which is why he's offered to keep track of your contacts. He's still new to all of this, but eventually he'll be able to automatically store new contacts and start writing an email for you! Sadly, at the moment he's only able to take down your contact's name, email, and phone number, show you your list of contacts, and delete a contact from that list.

What's he like?

He is extremely polished and well behaved, but at times can become quite snarky and his remarks may get a bit off colored. You'll have to watch out for him, especially when you dismiss him. Most of the time, though, he's quite the gentleman.

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