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The Brain

We've designed a smart door that welcomes front of house staff back in the kitchen only when it's not too busy. If the kitchen is experiencing a back log (more orders coming in than going out), the shutter window on the door will shut providing a subtle cue to LEAVE ME ALONE.

The Signal

Once inside the kitchen, we learned through our research that the Executive Chef is concerned about monitoring his team's productivity. One way for a team to be productive is if they aren't over stressed, but finding moments of peace in the kitchen is nearly impossible. To this end, we designed a "Smart Apron" to gently remind chefs to take a mental break - even if they can't leave the kitchen.

The Hat

And, because we wanted to design something that was somewhat more whimsical, we added a touch of magic to The Breather Ecosystem by building a massaging hat. This hat provides physical relief at the moment chefs need it most.

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