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The first thing I did was to understand my talking habit and tried to reflect it to my dialogue. During the class, we got a personality design sheet and define 1) what my bot does, 2) what her personality is and 3) what kind of gimmick she has. It was a super funny process to understand myself...i didn't realize before but my design buddies told me that I often shake my finger and click my tongue when I see somebody is doing wrong. I found some giphy files and trigger them when people text keywords like "lazy" or "clumsy"

When it comes to jokes, I benchmarked Google Assistant and tried to figure out how it pools jokes. With the sample code I have, I can only add one joke. Seems like it pools them from Google search result but I don't know how to deploy it. (Maybe I need to add Search API) I decided to save it for later when I learn how to add APIs.

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