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Heidegger Reads German Tech News is a Twitter bot that uses News API and Google Translate API for CMU students who interested in Germany to catch the latest news in technology field from major German newspapers.


This bot fetches latest news titles from three German technology newspapers, Gruenderszene, and T3n, translates them into English and add a caption for each news title with a quote from the German thinker Martin Heidegger. Then it tweets the news and at people around CMU campus who tweet about “Germany” “Berlin” and “Hamburg” recently.

By making this bot, I want to keep CMU student updated with the trending topics in the technology field in Europe. I also juxtapose the news titles with quotes of the German philosopher Heidegger. It is like how Heidegger would perceive the news. I hope this can make some sort of sense at some points. Perhaps his thinking of “being and time” can give us a different perspective of looking at today’s tech trends and inspire us on our projects.

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