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require 'sinatra'
require 'sinatra/reloader' if development?
require "sinatra"
require 'sinatra/activerecord'
require 'sqlite3', '~> 1.3', '>= 1.3.13'
set :database, "sqlite3:db/coufounderMatch.db"

#require_relative './models/task'
configure :production do
  require 'twilio-ruby'

enable :sessions

# create a twilio client using your account info

configure :development do
  require 'dotenv'

get "/sms/incoming" do
    session["last_intent"] ||= nil

    session["counter"] ||= 1
    count = session["counter"]

    sender = params[:From] || ""
    body = params[:Body] || ""
    body = body.downcase.strip

if session["counter"] == 1
      message = "Hi. I am here to help you find the perfect partner to start a business.  Type 'Looking for cofounder ', 'Share idea', 'About Cofounderbot'"
if body == "Looking for cofounder"
      message = "Ok lets break down your startup idea. what industry does your idea falls under. Is it 'Fintech', 'Healthcare/biotech', 'Data & Analytics', 'consumer goods', 'Education', 'Energy', 'Transportation'?"
    if body == "Fintech" || body == "Healthcare/biotech" || body == "Data and Analytics" || body == "consumer goods" || body == "Education" || body == "Energy" || body == "Transportation"
      # this info first has to be match to the database
          Partner.where(industry: body)
          session[:industry] = body
          message = "Thank you. Now Please tell me something about the problem you are solving. Start with 'to create' or 'to solve'"
    elsif body.include? == "to solve" || body.include? == "to create"
              # this info first has to be saved to the database
              Partner.where(problem: body)
              session[:problem] = body
                message = "Wow thats an awesome idea. So whao are you targeting? Is it for 'Millenials', 'Baby boomers', or 'Everyone'"
    elsif body == "Millenials" || body == "Baby boomers" || body == "Everyone"
                  # this info first has to be saved to the database
                  Partner.where(customer: body)
                  session[:who] = body
                    message = "I think I have the perfect person that you might want to work with. Do you want to connect. Say 'Yes', 'No' or 'Not yet'"
        if body == "yes"
                    possible_partners = Partner.where( industry: session[:industry]).where( customer: session[:who] )
            if random_match = possible_partners.sample
                    message = "alright you should start a business with" +
                      messages = "I couldn't find a match for you. Sorry"
        elsif body == "No"
                  message = "No worries. I am glad to help if you ever need a business partner"
        else message = "Ok take your time. I am here to help if you ever need a business partner. Take care"
        #if possible_partners.empty?
        #  messages = "I couldn't find a match for you. Sorry"
elsif body == "share idea"
        message = "Thank you for sharing. If you need me to find a partner, I am here to help you."
elsif body == "about Cofounderbot"
        message = "I am here to listen to your idea and match you with an ideal partner to start a company. To begin, please type 'Looking for cofounder'"
  message = "sorry didnt catch that"

session["counter"] += 1

twiml = do |r|
  r.message do |m|
    m.body( message )
    unless media.nil? media )

content_type 'text/xml'

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