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Problem Statement:  

Get a clear picture is important in every bustling morning for lazy guys like my girlfriend and me. In cold winter, I do neither like to go to the bus stop too early and wait in cold weather nor like to go to the bus stop too late and miss the bus. Therefore, I was thinking, if there is something that can vividly tell me when next bus and next next bus will come and enable me to (maximize my bed-time) know when I should get off the bed and go out for catching the bus.


In this project, I'm going to make a classical style Bus Reminder. It will showcase (all or selected) bus at the specific stop by LED bubble.

When a bus is going to come to the bus stop, the LED bubble which represents it will be lighted up. Every bubble represents a coming bus in its 6 min time span. For example, if a 61C bus is going to come to the stop in 16 mins, the 3rd bubble (from the left) will be lighted up. And, if another 61D bus is going to come in 25 mins, the 5th bubble will also be lighted up.

This device provides me with a comprehensive, intuitive and glanceable approach to know the status of coming bus.

Bill of Parts:

1x Particle Photon

8x LEDs  (1x Red,  7x Blue)

8x Ping Pong Balls (White)

Make Process

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