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This was the first IoT project I attempted on my own. I found the experience challenging but rewarding when I was able to get components working.

Below are the components I used for input, output, and sensing (full bill of parts included below). I originally planned to use a button as the input, but after adding it to my circuit I quickly released that I needed a switch that could stay in place without someone pressing it.

  • Piezo Buzzer - PS1240 (output)
  • Single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) switch (input)
  • DS18B20 Sealed Temperature Sensor (sensor)

I built the circuit component by component, first building the code, then the accompanying physical circuit, and finally checking the serial monitor data to confirm that that piece of the project was working as planned. I did this first for the DS18B20 temperature sensor, then for the Piezo Buzzer, and finally for the SPDT.


  • The Particle Dev application often returns errors initially when compiling code in the cloud and then on second try it accepts the code. Before I realized this, I spent a significant amount of time debugging code and the physical circuit unnecessarily.
  • I tried to add a more complex alert melody and was not able to incorporate the library and code into my existing code.


  • Testing the functionality of my circuit proved to be good for usability testing as well. I learned needed some kind of holder for my IoT product (were I to use this day-to-day). Resting it on a knife was precarious given the PVC could melt and holding it above the pot defeated the purpose of the product.
  • Switches serve better as on-off switches than buttons.

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