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Given that this was my first project, I felt happy with the product that I created. While the project was difficult for me, it was exciting to see that a small circuit board could have so many applications and solve common problems. Building this product opened my eyes to the fact that many of the IoT products we buy, despite their polished and well-designed exteriors, are ultimately a mix of inputs, outputs, and sensors. This project made me curious as to other potential applications for sensors in my day-to-day life.

In completing this project, I felt limited by two things: 1) my inability to parse out portions of more complex open source code (e.g. how I was unable to incorporate a song and instead opted for a tune with a few notes) and 2) my limited knowledge of ways to control and manage loops and sending information to the cloud. 

I am excited to work on these limitations in future projects so that I can become more comfortable with them and build upon the skills I've developed thus far. 

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