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The making process of this project can be divided into 3 steps: 

1. Design a simple circuit that contains an LED as a status indicator, a tilt sensor as an input for triggering events, and a resistor to protect electric components. 

2. Develop code on Particle IDE for controlling the circuit to work as we intended:

- Turn on the LED light when the tilt sensor is tilted, and turn off the LED light when the sensor goes back to the default vertical position.    

- Make sure the tilt sensor functions properly.

- Enable a cloud variable (the status of the tilt sensor) to be inspected.

- Add proper delay to avoid the loop going overwhelmingly frequent.

3.  Integrate Twilio API by adding a webhook on Particle console. Add lines of code to enable Photon to publish events and get responses from Twilio properly. Finally, ensure that messages should be sent to the user under the correct condition.

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