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Overall, the project was fun to work on and the result was successful, but there are also some places that can be improved"

What goes well:

  • The circuit works as expected;
  • The remote control function works as expected, so users can turn the system ON/OFF online;
  • The email notification feature works just fine;
  • It was difficult to align the green LED (power indicator) to the system status in the code, but I managed to make sure the LED is turned ON/OFF correctly whether the user is sending messages with the button or online.

What needs improvement:

  • The tile sensor is not super accurate. It has lag or requires extra shake to be triggered sometimes.
  • The system was not installed on an actual door. If given more time, I would further test its usability by putting it on my door.
  • The email notification from IFTTT is slow. It takes 1-2 minutes to receive the email. Also, the code does not prevent sending multiple emails at the same time. To avoid getting spammed, the code would work better if I include a mechanism to send one email at a time.
  • The button is too close to the sensor. In real life scenarios, the sensor should be far away from the button, as least on the inside of the door.

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