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  • Reflection: This project was much more difficult than I’d anticipated.  I learned the value of breaking functionality and steps into small parts. Not only does this make the process far less overwhelming, it allows for much easier and methodical troubleshooting. I did not get to the point that I would have liked with this project- I was able to fire the trigger by playing around with the magnet and my garage, but I don’t have a homehack that could work reliably under normal conditions.   There were many steps of the process where I felt quite unsure of how to proceed. I have a lot more confidence now that I have tried this project, but I realize how much I need to learn to be able to prototype a reliable device.   I learned to stop asking, "is this right?" and start asking, "is this functional"?  I also am an absolute beginner with code and have so much to learn to be proficient.  I could not have done this project without relying on solid code libraries and the help of other students. 

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