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  Adjusts the color of an RGB LED to changes in temperature with tempHigh (Celcius) being full red and tempLow (Celcius) being full blue.

  Also uses a push-button for on/off functionality.

  Written for the Spark Core


// LED leads connected to PWM pins

const int RED_LED_PIN = A4;

const int GREEN_LED_PIN = A1;

const int BLUE_LED_PIN = A0;

int temperaturePin = A7; //temperature sensor pin

int inputPin = D1; //push-button pin

int val = 0; //variable for push-button status

int state = 1; //variable for on/off state of the LED

int tempHigh = 28; //top value in range of temperature values (mess with me!)

int tempLow = 24; //bottom value in range of temperature values (mess with me!) --make sure tempHigh stays above tempLow

// and the current temperature is within the range for optimum performance.

// Used to store the intensity level of the individual LEDs, intitialized to full brightness (0)

int redIntensity = 0;

int greenIntensity = 0;

int blueIntensity = 0;

void setup() {

    //set LED pins to outputs

    pinMode(RED_LED_PIN, OUTPUT);


    pinMode(BLUE_LED_PIN, OUTPUT);


    //set temperature and push-button pins as inputs

    pinMode(temperaturePin, INPUT);

    pinMode(inputPin, INPUT);


    //open serial connection for debugging



void loop() {

    val = digitalRead(inputPin); //read the state of the push-button

    double temperature = (analogRead(temperaturePin) * 3.3) / 4095;  //getting the voltage reading from the temperature sensor

    temperature = (temperature - 0.5) * 100; //turn the voltage into a Celcius reading

    Serial.println(temperature); //print temperature to serial for debugging

    int adjRed = (int) (255 - redVal(temperature)); // turn temperature into integer adjusted red value (0 is full red, 255 is min)

    int adjBlue = (int) (255 - blueVal(temperature)); // turn temperature into integer adjusted blue value (0 is full blue, 255 is min)


    if (val == LOW) { //if push-button pressed

        state = !state; //reverse on/off state

        delay(250); //primitive button debounce




    if (!state) { //if light-state off, set Red and Blue vals to minimum (255)

        adjRed = 255;

        adjBlue = 255;




    analogWrite(GREEN_LED_PIN, 255);  //set GREEN LED value to minimum


    //write red and blue values to respective pins

    analogWrite(BLUE_LED_PIN, adjBlue);

    analogWrite(RED_LED_PIN, adjRed);


    //print red and blue adjusted values alongside light state (on/off as 1/0)

    Serial.println("red: " + String(adjRed));

    Serial.println("blue: " + String(adjBlue));





 redVal is a function that adjusts a celcius reading into a red value from 0 to 255. 38 corresponds to 255 while -26 corresponds to 0.



double redVal(double temp){

    if (temp >= tempHigh){ //return red as max as temp at 38 or higher

        return 255;

    } else if (temp  0){ //adjust as 255 max-val, not 256

        retVal = retVal - 1;



    return retVal;



 blueVal is a function that adjusts a celcius reading into a blue value from 0 to 255. 38 corresponds to 255 while -26 corresponds to 0.


double blueVal(double temp){


    double retVal = redVal(temp); //find temperature adjusted red value

    retVal = 255 - retVal; //invert the red value to find the blue value

    return retVal;

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