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We started our project with the  goal of focusing on time management problems.  After a few hours of brainstorming, we knew that we wanted to create a device that could intensify to indicate to the user that an important event was approaching.  We turned to the office space, since it is an interesting joining of public and private; we need to maintain personal schedules in the office in tandem with the schedules of our coworkers and shared meetings.  We also hoped that our device could explore power dynamics that come into play as schedules are navigated.  We turned to a favorite artist, James Turell, for inspiration about intensification with time and needing to be elsewhere.   We saw a challenge that we wanted to try to tackle in harnessing his powerful imagery to convey meaning through data abstraction.

We ran into some challenges with material availability as we completed this project.  The iii studio is not stocked with an appropriate range of structural objects, and we found ourselves improvising to hack together an appropriate motor platform to convey our idea.  

We are very happy with the outcome of our effort, but would like to continue iterating by making a device that would work in a full scale office.  

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