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Overall, the project was fun to work with and the result was successful, but there are also some places that can be improved

What goes well:

  • The circuit works as expected;
  • The rotation of the wheel is subtle and not disturbing;
  • The remote control function works as expected, so users can turn the system ON/OFF, check steps, and reset the step counter online;

What needs improvement:

  • The tile sensor is not super accurate. It works only on certain angles, so it may fail if the user is not wearing the sensor correctly;
  • There might be better ways to indicate steps other than the rotating wheel;
  • The servo goes only from 0 to 180 degrees. In the future, we would use a servo that can go 360 degrees;
  • The device does not serve other functions. Users may not like having an extra object in their home. We could do better by putting light sources in it and making it a smart lamp.
  • The servo motor makes a little noise when turning. It might disturb some people.

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