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Because the device is using sensitive data, we decided to do a period tracker for the potential user. Menstrual period is an event that repeats every month so we need to find method that enables the light to change regularly every month. We had multiple alternatives for connecting the photon with an internet based data. One is using a website that sends reminder emails every month for the days of period, but we determined that this is not enough because we want to provide more information about the entire cycle. Thus, we decided to use Google Calendar (requires that we manually entering the period cycle) which can be connected to IFTTT to publish events. We set up four events through IFTTT to search for keywords such as “period”, once the keyword is found, an event will be published. Then the photon can subscribe the event and change color accordingly. Going along this direction, we bumped into an issue that the trigger of IFTTT was searching the entire calendar instead of the current date. We bypassed the issue by setting the trigger in specific times during the day so that the only one keyword will be searched at a time.

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