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Problem Statement & Goal:

Dinner for two allows couples to sit at two separate dinner tables,  and using the visual imagery of a candlelit dinner,  individuals  are able to coordinate a shared dining experience. The setup consists of  two identical candles. When Partner A sits down at their dinner table, an IR distance sensor, built into their candle,  perceives that Partner A is seated for dinner, and the corresponding candle at Partner B's table lights up to indicate that their partner is seated for dinner. When Partner B takes his/her seat for dinner, a candle on Partner A's table illuminates.   When both  partner are seated, both candles are illuminated, and dinner is ready to commence. Our goal is that seeing this illuminated candle flickering on one's table, brings the user a little bit closer to the comfort of a shared dining experience with their partner, which is fundamental for the health and happiness of a long distance relationship.

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