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Product Workflow 

1. When User -1 is angry or stressed, he/she squeezes LoveLIT to express anger to his/her partner. The Ultrasonic Distance Sensor detects the motion and User - 2 experiences intense fluctuation of orange light in his/her device

2. When User - 2 notices the fluctuation, he/she has the option of reciprocating by squeezing back the device (to reciprocate anger) or softly touch the heart on the top of LoveLIT (to express love/truce)

3. The touch cap sensor senses the touch and then User - 1’s device reflects a fluctuating orange (for anger) and a breathing pink (for truce)

The device has the following for scenarios -

User 1 - Anger ---- User 2 - Love

User 1 - Anger ---- User 2 - Anger

User 1 - Love ---- User 2 - Love

User 1 - Love ---- User 2 - Anger

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