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As a team, working on a project like LoveLIT was extremely enriching and insightful. We were posed by various challenges and roadblocks and we decided to get over them one by one by exploring various options. Additionally, building a connected intimacy device helped us look further into the range of emotions experienced by couples separated by distance. All in all it has been a very valuable experience for all team members with the following points summarizing the entire journey. 

Learnings - 

  1. Connecting two particle photons by providing unique event names that can easily be  subscribed to
  2. Working with Touch cap sensors that are extremely sensitive
  3. Understanding the nature of Ultrasonic distance sensors and their range
  4. Working with multiple sensors and ensuring that they do not interrupt with each other’s functioning


  1. Soldering the Touch cap Sensor and attaching it to the bottle top without affecting the distance sensor
  2. Finding the right material that is both squeezable and transparent for the physical prototype
  3. Ensuring that the Touch cap sensor does not affect the Ultrasonic distance sensor

Future Scope

  1. To enhance the physical prototype to explore other senses such as sound, smell and touch
  2. To integrate emotion of love and truce with phone or video call
  3. LoveLIT can be further extended to group relationships (like a family of four) where the entire group is notified of the exchange of emotions between two people so as to help resolve conflict 

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