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The team had a very good grasp of the circuitry requirement to produce the two connected products. The circuitry and the code for each device was tested independently with an activation of the IR distance sensor, and the corresponding output of the Neopixel. The real challenge for the team was creating the connection between the two devices. The first problem the team ran into was that only one Neopixel could be active at a time. After many edits to the code, the team ran into the next problem, where an activation of one light, would trigger both lights to turn on. It wasn't until many edits later, and specifically making changes to the delays in the code that the team had a moderate level of success. The team also needed to remove the flickering function from the neopixel, which caused a lot of delays as well.  This was a very challenging project to execute, despite the fact that it was a relatively simple concept. 

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