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With the prominence of social media applications that incorporate features such as live video streaming (Facebook live) and location tracking (Snapchat), the team envisioned a near future wearable, the Friendship Bracelet, that allows user to engage with their significant others through a live video feed that captures both the wearer and the wearers environment. This device is the near future of sharing your ‘status’, sending texts, and talking on the phone. With a tap of your own bracelet, you open a live video feed by way of your partners bracelet. You and your lover now have a window into each other's lives in an unprecedented way.

On the surface, a birds-eye view into your partners life seems like an appealing and desirable IoT functionality to bring people closer together through the perpetual sharing of live experiences and ‘selfies’. However, we see in our product video that more information sharing can have a darkside. What if you do not know when your partner is viewing your life through your live feed. What if you grab coffee with a friend at work and your partner takes this information the wrong way. Vivid information out of context paired with the emotions in any relationship can engender misunderstanding, distrust, and jealousy. Instead of promoting stronger relationship, this device can lead to stalking and paranoia. The Friendship Bracelet has the potential to tear people apart and change the way we think about trust, loyalty, and relationships forever. 

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