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Wearable technology is often touted as one of the greatest applications of the Internet of Things, and with good reason. Hence we wanted to consider wearable electronics that can be displayed on one's body that have the potential to transform the way we live. We brainstormed the various everyday objects we use and discussed on how IOT can be induced into a normal common item. The ideas included Wearable IOT buttons to smart glasses that could read one's mind. In the end we chose the wearable band which is enchanted inits own way. 


The main idea was to create a modern stylish yet simplistic design that could be worn on any occasion. It was also meant to record the other person without anyone realizing that it has an inbuilt HD camera in it. The ideation process led us to create the various features as well such as face recognition from across the room, low light HD camera, 10 hours battery life and resistant to water and dust. Technology we can wear rarely looks this good. On the surface it's a sleek analog wrist watch that complements our wardrobe in any setting. It's versatile enough to wear to parties and business meetings. Behind the watch face is a hidden camera that records high definition video and audio

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