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We wanted to explore what happens when attempts to disrupt the classical interview process cause people to become connected with employers beyond traditional limits.  In search of an easy way to cultivate and evaluate candidates for jobs, Pineapple Inc., a prestigious company, has developed a chip to monitor candidates' willingness to work. The device is passing information about the assigned tasks and their completion to the employer, as well as monitoring proximity to the computer and providing feedback to the user.  

As Internet of Things devices become more ingrained in our culture, the idea of connecting more systems (or people) and passing information presents a potential privacy concern, as well as a source of social awkwardness to those who do not use or enjoy the devices.  This is especially true of any kind of connected device whose use cannot easily be "rejected."  What starts out as an easy way to secure employment at a top company eventually disrupts the user's work-life balance.  As described in the "Context" section, we felt that this is a scenario that may become a reality, and we wanted to highlight the potential downside of such a device.

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