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Our final product is called "Pineapple Chip", made by an imaginary company called Pineapple Inc. The chip monitors a user's daily activity and calculates what percentage of time the user has spent on work versus other activities. Compared with traditional recruiting procedures, which involve resume screening, grade checking, and interviewing, our solution solves the problem of candidates hiding their true work enthusiasm and only talking about their positive experiences. With the Pineapple chip, the company can monitor candidates on a daily basis and learn their true effort.

We had a debate of whether to implementing our design concept on a smartwatch or a chip. Although smart watch is indeed closer to the reality, there are multiple ways to bypass the monitoring activities based on a smartwatch. For example, users can let other people wear it. Hence, we chose a chip implanted in the user's wrist to be our final design. It might not happen in 5 years, but will certainly happen in the foreseeable future.

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