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Michael has a 12-year-old son named Johnny. On Johnny's birthday, Michael bought him the trendiest product, SafeWatch, an advanced IoT product that can track and show the location of the person wearing it. Now, Johnny wears SafeWatch everyday. 

At first, Michael was very happy with SafeWatch. It sent text notifications to him when Johnny safely arrived at his friend's house or when Johnny was in a dangerous location. Michael could easily know Johnny's location and can take prompt actions to make sure he was safe. 

However, SafeWatch's positives no longer outweigh the negatives. Sometimes, SafeWatch will misidentify Johnny's location if he is near places he shouldn't be, like bars and clubs, and send Michael notifications when Johnny is actually next door. Sometimes, when SafeWatch's battery dies, Michael freaks out because he cannot see Johnny's real-time location. Finally, when Johnny's SafeWatch is stolen, Michael becomes overwhelmed with anxiety as he sees "Johnny" going places he should never be. As these events pile on, Michael sees himself becoming more and more obsessed with knowing exactly where Johnny is every second of the day. However, he can't separate himself from SafeWatch because he feels like that would mean sacrificing Johnny's safety.

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