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Lighton's are smart shoes with two functions. Each function is intended for a different audience: overactive children between the ages of 8 and 12 and their parents. Those functions are:

1. Monitor and set performance goals to improve in sports and physical activities. 

2. To provide parents with their child's whereabouts and location.

While those are the main selling points, the shoe also has the capability to prevent an "overactive" (or misbehaving) child from leaving the boundaries of where their parents have allowed. After a parent(s) has set the boundaries of a location, the child will be physically stopped, utilizing magnetic fields generated through an additional part of the product, to lock the shoes and prevent them from leaving the boundary.

This provides parents a sense of security in that their child is safe, with their whereabouts known. The child, however, sees the shoes as a stylish athletic coach that can keep pushing them to break personal records in athletics. 

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