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This product was decided on after a breakdown of intent. We started by selecting an opportunity area where large amounts of people are involved. The list included:

1. Hospitals

2. Public Transportation Areas

3. Schools

4. Government

5. Sporting Events

We then tried to think in terms of the most potentially destructive location. We reconciled that nothing is more important to people than their children and children are found in large amounts in schools. Therefore, we decided our location was a school. Next we wanted to establish an opportunity for a plausible function and we came to a parent monitoring. That led us to where the function could go wrong and this was if the monitoring and limitations imposed by the parent ended up harming their child. We then posed a scenario where monitoring could malfunction. This manifested in trapping the child in a harmful situation rather than keeping them secure and safe. Thus the storyline of a misbehaved child always leaving school until getting trapped within school experiencing a situation where the child desperately needed to leave unfolded.

We decided on a shoe because we knew it was something the child would always be wearing and would always continue to wear. We initially were posed with a bracelet but we did not want to do something so common. The design of the shoes was based on one of the team member's existing shoes, so that it would align well with the video. 

The main challenges were keeping the circuity connected and together. We did not create a housing, nor did we include extra material for issues that may arise. As a result, some of the quality of the video had to be compromised so that the circuitry would stay connected and the photon would retain its connection to the internet. To accommodate these issues, we adjusted our location of filming and actors were more deliberate in their actions. 

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