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A more detailed documentation is available on Github.

Future Possibilities

Ginger could be expanded for better functionality in the following ways:

Ginger could be integrated with APIs that allow ordering of groceries. This would make Ginger a one stop solution for those who want to maintain grocery lists, shop for groceries online and receive recipes.

Ginger's forgiving capabilities can be expanded with an undo command that allows the user to go back one or more steps. This would be useful in accidental cases of deletion, addition, editing and ordering.

Another interesting feature for extended user engagement could be a food quiz. In the scenario when the user has not interacted for (may be) a week, the bot could push a small visual quiz about food preference (example: a vegetarian dish over a non vegetarian one, or a fish dish over a beef one) and these preferences could be stored in an additional table which could be used to filter better recipes for the user.

These are some of the features that were plotted on a effort/priority matrix which could be used as reference for future development:

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