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Prototype 1

The initial prototype was assembled using two motors in the place of the USB humidifiers for proof of concept. The goal was to use a webhook to identify the weather based on the latitude and longitude of  Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (India), the location closest to our subject's home. The information provided by the webhook came in four forms: a label of the current weather in the given location, the temperature, the probability of rain, and the intensity of rain. Challenges the team encountered when creating the web hook was determining which piece of information from the web hook to incorporate. The team decided to use the  label of the current weather in the given location because we were most interested in knowing if it was 'raining' or 'not raining.' We determined that 'raining' would correspond to the release of scent 1 and 'not raining' would be the release of scent 2. In India, rain has a very specific smell, so we determined that it was most impactful to incorporate the sensory change from 'raining' to 'not raining' into our prototype. 


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