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The team had a clear understanding of the goals and intent of using scent to promote familiarity in the living space. In order to achieve this goal, the team learned how to integrate an off the shelf portable humidifiers.  The team experienced some difficulty at first hacking the humidifiers to bypass the on/ off switch and the USB power. However, this was a learning process that the team overcame using the voltmeter to measure the flow of the current and breaks along the circuit.  The team also experienced a few setbacks integrating the humidifiers into the housing. Due to the size limitation of the housing.  Despite the difficulties, the team succeeded in accomplishing the goal of this project as set out in the initial problem statement. In order to take it to the next level, the team will need to further streamline the form factors of the humidifiers and then vessels to allow more components to fit inside the plant pot. In addition, a better mechanism for refilling the water and scent needs to be iterated in future prototypes. This would take custom components and a custom housing .

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