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The process of making this project is memorable. We learned that aligning on a goal and direction for approaching problem is important. During the beginning part of the project, the ten of us met a few times as a big team to brainstorm and agreed on use cases. By doing so, we found that the amount of double-work was less if we keep conversation open not only within the small group but also with the big group. As a result, both the coding and physical prototypes turned out to be what we expected as a big group.

Something we learned:

  • Use of mini player and mini speaker
  • Leveraging a motion sensor into the system as a switch
  • Use of Web hooks technology so that we can get data from an API
  • How to connect other devices in order to make a holistic IoT system

Challenges we faced:

  • When we started implementing mini player, we could not figure out why no audio was playing when there is no error on the codes or the circuits. We then went to the internet and looking for solution, we finally found that there is hidden file which is also the first file in the sd card that prevents us from playing the right audio. We then tried to avoid this by using a PC when store audios in sd card.
  • When we were trying to utilize weather data, we faced so many information that could be used and had no idea how we can only use some of them. We then group them into different groups, for example, grouping “wind” and “tornado” in to the same group so that it is easier to navigate the weather data.

Future Iterations:

  • Implementing more audios such as familiar songs that are played during festival and certain songs for family members when their birthdays approaches
  • A two-way communication between user and their familiar, for instance, when weather changes and the three objects respond to them, a text is sent to user’s family saying something like “Hey mom, it's getting cold, be warm!”    

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