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The team's final prototype included an external light and power source. The motion was created by a stepper motor. As described above, the team iterated, each time ensuring that the design and engineering choices were as simple as possible while still providing the desired functionality. The following summarizes the bill of parts for the circuit and physical prototype, the circuit configuration, and the final code used.

Circuit - Bill of Materials:

  • Particle Photon (x1)
  • Breadboard (x1)
  • Jumper Wires as needed
  • Battery Pack (4 AA batteries)
  • Diode (6V to 4.7V reduction for remote battery to use with Photon Vin pin) (x1)
  • Stepper motor (x1)
  • Stepper motor driver - A4988 (x1)
  • Shaft collar

Physical Prototype - Bill of Materials:

  • Stepper motor platform
  • Side (paper)
  • Small flashlight
  • Back (wood, lasercut)
  • Front (wood, lasercut)
  • Disc with four sections + laser cut images (sun, rain, cloud, fog) (wood, lasercut)

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