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Integrating with different teams was difficult because we all had different visions and ideas. As we designed, tested, and iterated, it was important to keep communication open between groups to ensure that our updated designs and functionalities worked well in concert with the other prototypes. We found it helpful to create a specific use case and target user that we could reference as we designed to ensure we were solving for the right pain points. We also learned how to integrate a number of new components and processes into our design process.


  • How to use a stepper motor and stepper motor driver
  • How to use a battery pack as an external power source
  • Learned how to use eeproms to store data on the photo when unplugged. Was not used in the final prototype but initially planned to use so that the motor could 'remember' it's last location
  • We learned how to use laser cutting to quickly create a polished form and to add design elements to our prototype


    • Mounting the stepper motor and attaching it to the disc
    • LED light was initially meant to be our light source; however, the LEDs were not strong enough to project onto the wall and we had to substitute with a flashlight
    • Wires often became frayed and were difficult to fit into the terminal box
    • Attaching the paper side was difficult and did not come out as cleanly and seamlessly as we would have liked
    • We struggled with designing for a demo (showing full functionality in a short period of time) versus designing for a final product which might show full functionality over time. 
    • Internal components were difficult to secure, causing challenges with demoing 

    Future Iterations

    • Would like to find an alternative to using the flashlight as our light source, potentially a light which can change colors
    • Use a smaller, quieter motor in order to make the prototype more ambient and less intrusive
    • Add more weather options so we can create a more accurate and descriptive representation of the weather.
    • Add more design and potentially color to the outer casing to add impact. Potential for larger projection with more detail
    • Build in a place to hold the internal components

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