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First, we started with a list of question trying to identify whom we should design for. After we settled on a bedroom for a kid in the future we starting thinking of objects with which kids usually interact, and see how can we enchant those. After a couple of iterations with objects we felt the a teddy bear is something that is sort of a friend to most of the kids and started thinking of ways to make use of that. Our two stakeholders were the parents and the kid himself. from one side, a kid's concern: is that they are usually scared of dark rooms and sleeping by themselves. On the other side, the parents are usually concerned with when their kids go to sleep, and also they want to be able to check on them regularly without suddenly intruding into their rooms. So, we thought that the teddy bear can play a useful role here to lessen the kid's fear when he's alone in his room by being a friend that he can hug before falling asleep, and also triggers something that can tell the parents that he is ok and about to fall asleep.  

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