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This project was really impactful on us the way we think about an ecosystem of connected products. In contrast to how simple it was to think of a use case for a single product, it was really challenging to come up with and imagine a scenario where three connected products can be function simultaneously or sequentially and be useful.  Sometimes, it sounds easy to propose a situation for the devices to operate. However, with further probing into the potential possibilities of what is going to happen, the ecosystem ceases to prove being useful for a longer time or for all possible tasks and use cases. For instance, we thought of the door knob to be the trigger to turn on the magic scenery of lights to the kid when he enters his room. However, this case is assuming a kid who will always be outside his room at night and will only enter after 9 pm, which is not necessarily the case every day. That's why we iterated a couple of times to develop something that at least will operate and be useful in most of the normal daily practices of a kid.

On more thing, in projects like this one, we were constrained by time, skills and resources. However, we believe that what we built can really be a start for a new way of bedroom design. A lot can be added to transform the traditional and dull bedroom to an interesting one. A teddy bear that tells a different story everyday and triggers lights and sounds and haptics around the kid in his bedroom and create a lovely space for the kid to feel safe, happy and excited to learn is surely something that can be done and continued after what we started. 

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