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I first tested out the codes from tutorials for the temperature sensor and piezo buzzer. The buzzer was not working at first, but then I realized that it mattered what pin I put it in. The temperature tutorial worked well. However, at some points the readings were off because the data wire kept coming out of the board so I decided to tape it in place. Next, I converged both codes together and added a water “sensor.” Because water conducts, I just have one lead attached to ground and one lead attached to a pin so that when they both touch water, the circuit is completed. When the circuit sensed water, I had it play notes on a speaker and when the temperature was correct, I had it light up an LED. I also made the temperature and water sensors publish messages to my phone using IFTTT. At first I had the water and temperature sensors in the loop section, however, this caused my code to push messages repeatedly to my phone. I instead moved them to the setup section and wrote two for loops so that it would only send one message for water level and one for temperature.

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