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I enjoyed the process of making my Bath Buddy. It was new to me, so it was very exciting when I got things to work. Coding was time-consuming; however, I feel that in the future that this will be a faster process. I learned more about the format of this coding language and how to write for loops and publish variables to the cloud. I also learned how to use IFTTT to text me when an event has been published. If I could do this over, I would test parts separately more before putting them together. I put all the code together before testing it and it was sometimes hard to figure out what was wrong. I got to where I wanted it to be. Towards the end, I was thinking it would be helpful to have the program text me the temperature when called, but I wasn’t sure how to do this. I need to do more research in cloud variables and IFTTT. Additionally, I would have liked it to turn off the water once it hit sensor, but our faucet is stiff, and I don’t think the motor would have been strong enough to turn it.

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