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Reflections on Success:

The team created this ecosystem in a really short time period, among which we utilized strengths of each team member and tried new things while learning to improve different skills at the same time. This is a good starting point for looking more into the IoT technologies, thinking more and balance their strengths and weaknesses to better serve our societies. 

Future iterations of this product can explore more ways to help young children ease into sleep on their own, which is a transition they must make as they grow up. We discussed incorporating story time into the experience, either alone or with their parent. Additionally, we discussed exploring ways in which parents and children could spend time together with Sleepstars and to also enhance the autonomous experience the child has in his or her bedroom when the parent cannot spend time with him or her (due to busy work/life schedules). 

For each product of the ecosystem, see our individual galleries for more details.

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