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First, I want only light or noise sensor with servo output.

Then, I try to add temperature sensor with servo output with IFTTT to receive SMS.

During the process, temperature sensor got problem in the beginning. I mistaken it as pull up resistor since the appearance looks exactly the same, and the wire is a bit complicated, so the monitor data is not working right at first. (though the issued solved later with downloading the package directly) Therefore, I switch to use noise sensor, LED & Servo output + IFTTT notification.

Later on, adding the fade function in Servo to create interaction while returning back while setting up IFTTT using particle.publish to receive SMS. (case sensitive first made the function not working)

Finally, add the function along with particle call a function to use SMS to remote control Servo.


  • Particle Photon x 1
  • Electret Mic/ MAX4466 x 1 (Sensor)
  • Resistor 22.1 ohm x 1
  • Servo (generic) x 1 (Actuator)
  • LED x 1 (Output)
  • Jump Wires 

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