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Hack IoT Design Concepts -

with basic electronics, circuits & coding skills, design & hack a home device that can improve our life. Apply sensor, input, and output into a product map is abstract at the beginning but interesting. Have a better sense of design IoT product after reviewing the Tech Precedents, and add own value on it.

Practical Circuits - 

mistaken use pull up resistor as temperature sensor at first because the appearance look exactly the same, and the resistor became hot. Will definitely be more careful with all the numbers and details on the chip from this lesson. Besides, I gain logical sense of electronics by building the circuit diagram. In the future, I want to explore more advance sensor or output such as RGB LED and motion sensor.

Connect Physical object to Internet (App & SMS) -

with building chatbot using API experience, I would like to connect my electronics device to the App, especially interactive in two directions. Receiving message when device triggered and sending message to remote control the device is really intuitive for us now. Next step, I want to integrate Google API into my IoT device. Also, I want to understand the code structure better so that I can design more advanced IoT products by myself in the future.

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